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wisdom counsel

A counsel of wisdom is different than psychotherapy in that it is a one-time meeting that lasts an hour and a half where I rely on my inner wisdom to offer you alternative perspectives that will aid you with a current dilemma.

I am happy to meet with you more than once should you find it beneficial, however, if you need more regular or long term support I will advise regular psychotherapy.

The counsel I share arises from a place within that is other than the cognitive mind, so it does not rely on my degrees and education, but rather on the current of wisdom that resides within each of us.

Wisdom is a source that helps us navigate life’s challenges that is an alternative to problem solving relying on mental processes. It includes gratitude, open mindedness, flexibility, inspiration, creativity, mindfulness, a heart centered loving kindness, compassion and balance. It is particularly helpful in decreasing unnecessary suffering that is created by a lack of perspective.

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