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In Stories of My Art: Contemplations of an artist, psychotherapist and spiritual seeker, Ozer shares her insights from her life as a therapist, thoughts on mindfulness, inquiries into various archetypes, and contemplations on the psyche, nature, and people, in a down to earth, conversational manner.


Each story comes with a nugget of wisdom on the topic she is sharing and is accompanied by an original painting of the author. There is synchronicity to the relationship between the written word and the art in that they feed of off each other and inform one another, and bring dimensionality to the concepts discussed.


Ozer thinks of herself less as a psychotherapist and more as a wisdom sharer, which is made evident in her discussions of her unique approach to psychotherapy.  She doesn’t identify as the primary creator of her artwork, but considers herself a vessel for the pieces that come through her when she is in a flow state, resulting in pieces that are visionary in nature. This is not a practice of art for the sake of art making, but rather art in service of generating contemplation, empathy, and a sense of connectedness with the unconscious, collective unconsciousness, and transpersonal realms.

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Some of the concepts she explores include: wisdom, mystery, art therapy, mindfulness, Goddesses that are approached as archetypes, shapeshifting, nature, flexibility, the continuum of habituation vs. gratitude, the fabric of life, time, psychological dynamics, self-love, loss, courage and resilience, and friendship. Ozer is not a philosopher, but seems to have no trouble philosophizing on topics that have relevance for the layperson, extending her audience beyond her profession to include us all.

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