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transpersonal therapy

Transpersonal psychology considers the realm of spiritual experience as a field to be included in psychological investigation. It provides us with an integration of psychological theories with the subject matter and practices of spiritual disciplines. It is open to an investigation and exploration of a wide range of spiritual experiences such as mystical states of consciousness, mindfulness and meditation practices, shamanic states, rituals, and other transpersonal aspects of human experience.


Transpersonal psychology aims to understand self-transcendence, which has to do with a sense of self-identity that is more then the dualistic ego/self. Mindfulness is a psychological quality that can be developed through practices of different kinds, and has to do with attention and awareness that is nonjudgmental and present centered. Regardless of what our co-created therapy journey might look like mindfulness will be something I’ll bring in as a concept that is elemental to the pursuit of living with awareness. I use guided imagery regularly as a way to tap into the wisdom within each person.

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